Nottingham Castle Open 2012
selected by

Laura Sillars (Artistic Director, Site Gallery)
Simon Roberts (Photographer)
Clarissa Corfe (Curator, Castlefield Gallery)

87 works by 57 artists were selected which including video, performance, collage, drawing, ceramics, painting, jewellery, installation, sculpture and printmaking.


Exhibitors Frank Abbott, Adrienne, Andy Allen, Laura Allen, Colette Ayers, Shaun Belcher, Alia Pathan & Jim Brouwer, Maria Cassidy, Chatwin:Martin, Josephine Clouting, Ian Cutmore, Tom Darby, Mateus Domingos, Jane Domingos, John Edwards, Lucy Fairholm, Michael Forbes, Tanya Foster, Sardul Gill, Faye Green, Michelle Greenwood, Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert, Colette Griffin, Paul Hirst, David Howat, Steven Ingman, Peter Jackson, Maggie Lewis, Oliver Lovley, Tracey McMaster, Angelo Murphy, Krystina Naylor, Paul Newman, Lauren O' Grady, Rebecca Ounstead, Tom Partridge, Lois Plaistow, Kerri Pratt, Frazer Price, Dexter Prior, Dermot Punnett, Reactor, Elizabeth Rowe, Carole Russell, Mark. W Russell, David Severn, Robert Squirrell, Felicia Staub, Lucy Stevens, Katie Stretton, Oliver Tirre, John. E Walter, Annexinema (Emily Wilczek & Ian Nesbit), Jon Williams, Giles Woodward.




The Rufford Gallery Prize

Jointly awarded to Tracey McMaster and David Severn.

The One Thoresby Street residency prize &THE IAN ROBINSON PRIZE - A £200 CASH PRIZE

Colette Griffin

The Great Art Award

Steven Ingman

The Axisweb Award

Krystina Naylor

The John E Wright Prize

Lucy Stevens
Peter Jackson

The People's Panel Prize* & Tarpy Gallery prize

Jane Domingos

Design Factory Prize

Lucy Fairholm

The New Art Exchange Prize

Sardul Gill

The Broadway Artists’ Film & Video award

Emily Wilczek and Ian Nesbitt (aka Annexinema)

George Thornton Prize

Tanya Foster

The Castle Prize

Frank Abbott

Main cash prizes

Jackie Berridge Chatwin, Martin Alia Pathan & Jim Brouwer, Faye Green

The grand cash prize of £1,500
David Severn


All prizes have been donated and chosen by our individual sponsors to reflect the aims of their businesses and organisations, with the exception of the 'Main Prize' which has been chosen by our invited panel of judges.


Image credits: Nottingham Castle Open 2012 install shots by John Hartley