Shortlist Announced

Our Judges Holly Slingsby, Emily Speed and Roger Malbert were very impressed with the work they saw this Monday, and the day proved to be a particularly tough selection as 31 artists were chosen for the final exhibition.  By offering free entry we suspected there would be an increase in applications - seeing a jump from 270 (2012) to 333 this year (34% more submissions).  Unfortunately there is a down side as more artists apply and the competition for places increases, meaning less applicants will make the final exhibition for the 30-40 places we aimed for.  However, we are delighted to announce... The NOTTINGHAM CASTLE OPEN 2013 SHORTLISTED ARTISTS ARE:

Liam Aitken | Chloe Ashley | Andrew Bracey | Wayne Burrows | Belen Cerezo | Jacqui Dodds | Jane Domingos | Jenna Finch | Craig Fisher | Karen Fraser | Lynn Fulton | Hattrick & Sangster | Steven Ingman | Elliot Ingram | Geoffrey Jones | Daniel Sean Kelly | Maggie Lewis | Nick Mobbs | Rebecca Ounstead | Diana M Pasek-Atkinson | Faith Pearson | Yelena Popova | Dermot Punnett | Simon Raven | Bob Robinson | David Scarborough | Derek Sprawson | Tether | Marek Tobolewski | John E Walter | Jane Wheat

As the selection was so hotly debated until the final hour, the Panel felt that they could not select a ‘final 5’ shortlist for our Main Prize of £2,000 from the slides/images alone, instead they will select the overall winner from within the context of the final exhibition later next month.  This now means that every exhibiting artist is now eligible for the Main Prize. 

All artists have now been notified of the judges final decision.

You will have a chance to see the final exhibition from Saturday 12 October 2013, and all prizewinners will be announced on Saturday 9 November at our Closing Event and Prize Giving Party.