Prize Focus - Tarpey Gallery Prize

Tarpey Alice Thickett: Hello Luke. As you are the Director and Curator Tarpey Gallery, can you tell me a bit about your space?

Luke Tarpey: Tarpey Gallery was founded in September 2009 to support emerging artists from the region, we have grown with our artists to become a nationally recognised gallery that sells work all over the country. The gallery itself is a beautiful white cube style space that is broken up into three areas, the main exhibition space that holds roughly 8 major exhibitions a year and two secondary spaces that hold a rotating collection of work by our represented artists.


AT: Why do you think Open-submission competitions are important for artists and the Art World?


LT: From the point of view of a director of a commercial gallery, Open exhibitions have played an important role in defining the very structure of Tarpey Gallery. In fact, our second ever exhibition was the inaugural edition of our annual Midlands Open series, and from the outset we have used it as a means of introducing ourselves to the local art scene and a way of finding some of the regions hidden gems.


AT: You're sponsoring a prize for the Nottingham Castle Open 2013, and have done for a few years, could you tell me what you'll be offering the artist you choose?


LT: We are offering a solo exhibition to be staged at Tarpey Gallery in 2014 and the winning artist will have the opportunity to present a new body of work to our audiences and buyers.  We are always on the lookout for exciting emerging artists from the region and the successful applicant will also have a chance to join our extremely talented group of represented artists.


AT: Who did you choose for the prize last year and why did their work stand out for you?


LT: Up-and-Coming Leicester based painter Jane Domingos, an accomplished and exciting painter with an eye for the surreal. I was struck by the conviction of the work, the strength of the ideas and the subtlety of the painted surface. I believe Jane to be one of the most exciting emerging painters in the region.

DSC_0444 AT: And lastly could you sum up in 5 words what you'll be looking for in an artwork / artist this year?

LT: Very high standard of work !


For more information about Tarpey Gallery, please visit their website

Words: Alice ThickettImages: Tarpey Gallery